Advice for Data Scientist and Recap

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Advice for Data Scientist and Recap
  • Pi Chuan recommend:
    • In her workplace, observe other known data scientist and look at what they interest in.
    • some like NLP,Speech Reconition, or just data scientist that like to find its pattern
    • Find the data that we take interest, what action we would like to do, and find the relevant skill to analyze it.
  • Gabor recommend:
    • Should always have curious mind, ask question.
    • For example in daily life, what kind of data and the question to ask, as well in the project he's working on
    • Try to ask as much question , understand the data. and solve it with algorithm experience
    • So the most important thing is  in terms of ability and advancing in career, is a mindset.
    • If we see the problem, what question we should ask, what is important, what kind of data we want to provide in our conclusion, and have the algorithm that we need to handle the data.

  • Data Scientist is a discipline that requires various field, to give insight of data driven product
  • He should has background in mathematics and statistics, programming experience, and strong analysis
  • Similar to tech field, but used in many different field in the world, to solve various kind of problem
  • Lastly, being a Data Scientist also comes with difficulties.
  • One of them is that the data is often raw, comes from unknown resources, or not technically used directly as an input.
  • He also has the technique to gather the data, make it to workable format.