Introduction and Statistic(Rigor)

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Introduction and Statistic(Rigor)
This chapter is discussed about Machine Learning vs Statistics as data analysis to solve the prediction of the data, the correlation of the data, or making a good hypothesis

  • We can use statistic with significance test
  • Say in all 1000 people in our office, extract 10 people.
  • This could be office's favorit color, or maybe we just coincidence to pick 10 people who all pick "Blue"

  • Suppose we have different web design uploaded, proceeding with ABtest with different visitors
  • By 50%:50.5% we conclude both have similar favorit
Kurt, Data Analyst, Twitter:
Statistic in Data Analysis is really useful
Goes back to hundreds years ago when the they want to make some reference from the data

  1. Because they make the data in the same page, and can make better analysis on the overall data.
  2. Different data will have different results, and can't make data look good or the other way around
  3. In the case earlier where people choose blue, we have selected one population who favorites blue