Aadhaar Data and Relational Databases

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Aadhaar Data and Relational Databases

  • Relational databases is set of database that related with each other
  • We see that the table in the left (table = spritesheets) is the joint of table on the top right and bottom right
  • It's important to discuss Relational Databases because it used in many field in Data Science
  • This course won't be discussed about how to design, key and so on, that taught in Data Wrangling with MongoDB

  • Aadhar program is the data initiative used in India
  • With single number, it represent most of people's identitication that can be used in many organization in India.
  • It interest many data scientist because it uses many data that represent some of the most huge population on earth.

  1. We can simply extract the man with age below 45 or else from big data. It's impossible to extract if we just use one flat files
  2. The database can scale vertically instead of horizontally effectively
  3. It's impossible if in one example the age is int type, while the other is string type
  4. Data is less redundant, because it represent how it is
  5. Not a good reason to choose relational database.

  • How Aardhaar Data fit into relational databases that we discussed.
  • Aardhaar consist of one database that range from various column, with each row is one people in India.
  • We can substract many things based on the population, or district