Advice, Recap & Conclusion

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Advice, Recap & Conclusion
Rishiraj's advice:
  • Know the right tools, learn from various course (mooc,university)
  • Apply when/where the right tools to create new, innovative ideas.
Don's advice:
  • Knowing more tools at your disposal, the more it will help you
  • It's important to keep in mind about features selection. What are the features that going to be prioritize as our best interest
  • And pay attention to the detail. Do we need to synthesize our features(create new features based on scratch/ existing one) or there's missing detail to pay attention to
  • Create logistic regression based on the data may be halfway there.

  • This are the recap for our data visualization
  • time-series dug deeper because it will be focused on assignment
  • We took data analysis subway ridership and try to visualize the the data
  • We have discussed the best way to visualize our data
  • We also discussed the most effective way to visualize based on data type
  • Also learn about ggplot, plot graph with python
  • Next use this to visualize our data with subway ridership data