Autonomous Driving (Examples)

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Autonomous Driving (Examples)
  • Neural Networks for Autonomous Driving

  • Lower left visualize what in front of the car
  • top left the direction selected from human driver (first bar)
  • Second Bar selected by the learning algorithm
  • At first unknowingly full bar gray value
  • Then eventually makes a similar direction to what human chooses
  • One of every two seconds the learning records the road and the steering direction set by humans
  • Using backprop Alvin(learning) try to learn based on image
  • Initially, random. After two minutes, it succesfully mimicking human driver.
  • Alvin keep digitize the visualization , and keep making a better prediction and eventually pretty sure (confident) about the its output value
  • The confident decreases as Alvin approach the intersection (perhaps never seen interaction)
  • It's still pretty amazing where simple neural networks using backprop algorithm will eventually learn itself for  autonomous driving