Boxplot, histogram, visualization in R sysntax

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Boxplot, histogram, visualization in R sysntax
  • In this lesson, we will get better to know about boxplot, historgram, and the visualization using R
  • Think back how the goal we want with analyzing the data. What question to ask
  • Learn how data surprise us, what unexpected result do we get.
  • What features, the most important one, learn it through summary or visualization

  • We usually has different count in Facebook shared post, how many we expect audience size seeing, vs what's the actual count of audient size.
  • Some people think that there's only a quarter see their post(mine guess 20%).
  • We can do this by plotting into histogram using R

  • A good data, is when people have 5000 friends shouldn't receive millions like. So this is a bad data.
  • Non extreme case, is when people should all expect to see a quarter of people saw their post. BUt this outlier have extreme case when expecting millions like
  • So the answer is bad data about extreme case

  • Problem Set 3