Gradient Checking

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Gradient Checking
  • Backprop sometimes has bugs. Gradient checking will check wheter backprop will eventually decreasing.....
  • this will teach how 100% accurate backprop without bug....

  • Takes an error based on epsilon
  • Two sided difference will make better correction than one sided difference

  • 3+10^-4

  • let theta be a matrix
  • the epsilon will only be used to particular theta
  • this way, the particular theta that being calculated will always be corrected

  • dvec is a partial derrivative from backpop that used as a cost function
  • if the gradApprox is more or less same as Dvec, then the derrivative will surely output the right result

  • Here's the step on how to implement numerical gradient checking
  • The important things is to be sure to shut gradient checking after checking the backprop. This is intended because gradient checking is computationally expensive
  • Backprop code is much more efficient and faster

  • These method (gradient checking) is to makes sure the code that we made, is correctly decreasing from backprop value