Intro to Data Visualization

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Intro to Data Visualization
  • Communicate the findings to people.
  • Using python for best practice to visualize data

  • This is the graph represent the title
  • Brown is the color which invades to rusia, and black is the color which return home from rusia

  • These are the factors to create effective visualization
  • Now, take baseball charts for example

  • Visual Cues/Visual Encoding: Endoding with color/type/size. By connecting the dot. We can see the increase/decrease of the data
  • Coordinate Systems: Here we implement y-axis to represent years, and x-axis represent how much the home run. So from the table here, we can say that how many homerun hit over the years
  • Scale/Data Types: Represent how we scale/type our data. Divided by three parts, numeric, category, time. x-axis represent numeric based, while the years represent time-based. Also the scale is linear type, with increasing. other scale discussed later
  • Context

  • Based on visualization, it's our job to represent how people read our data.
  • How we explain the value in the table.
  • In doing so, we can make all the labels(title,axis etc). Also annotate what can be pointed out from the graph(e.g. live bell era in years 1920, streoid use around 2007)