Pandas and Dataframes

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Pandas and Dataframes

  • R working best for manipulating data
  • Take the best elements of R and implement it in Python

  • Often R and dataset has Dataframes Structure
  • Consist of 2D graph
  • Can be various datatypes, string, int, float, or boolean

  • This is the dataframe command line
  • We can find the examples based on dictionary, like provided key "age" returning examples just based on age
  • Or maybe trying to find the examples "a", which return all the correlated data of a id

  • Here we are creating the dataframes, with value based on index 'abcde'
  • We can apply the mean of the data

  • We can map the data of 'one' that meet the lambda requirements

  • Or apply the whole data, mapping with spesific lambda requirement
  • Next, How to obtain the data that we want to handle