Data Types and Scales

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Data Types and Scales

  • We have seen earlier discussion about numeric being one of data types
  • It can represent number of population, or some kind of measurement
  • Statistician call it as quantitative data

  • It can differentiate type of groups
  • Can't be manipulated, computed, take into calculation, just as character.
  • There's also ordinal data, that can be based on ranking or an order.

  • Similar as numerical data. But it was some linear increasing with the data
  • There's different about when the data are being collected
  • We use numerical data as y-axis and categorical data at x-axis. In this, we sorting (x being ordinal) and rank it so it can be easier to to visualize

  • There's also short trend if we want it days-axis, or much longer trends then represent it as month/years axis

  • This is inapropriate use of scales
  • The increasing is random and not linear/logaritmic
  • The increasing to pile of people (3d -> 4th) only 3k increasing