Visualizing Time Series Data

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Visualizing Time Series Data

For specific colors:

  • Here we are discussing boston winning percentage over the years
  • We have position and context to represent title,x,y axis
  • But it's harder to visualize for most people as the dots doesn't rerpresent anything
  • For that's concern we have to connect our dots with line

  • Now from here we can see trends over the years.
  • We can then know the drop and raise over the years in the graphic
  • But we also doesn't know the trends really well. Next we use curve type

  • By giving differentiate size and saturation (representing number of homerun), we can expect our reader to understand that
  • This way we have done the multivariate (multiple version of our graph) couple of times. We can see more version have more beginner-friendly for people to read our charts